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-The KW Digital Program is one of our key applications. It explores how technological change is registered in culture. Its varied outputs stand at the intersection of virtual and material worlds, and the creative use of emerging tools. Ranging from physical exhibitions to website artworks; from VR to AI; and in latent space—this program is not proprietary to any particular device or location.

-Proprietary algorithms, secret data troves, and closed systems are coming to define contemporary life. How is this registered in art? The KW Digital project Poetics of Encryption explores this question—through a book , a conference, online commissions and a major exhibition. This website is its home.

-Poetics of Encryption explores how artists picture our relationship with inscrutable tech, through three thematic frames. Black Site, Black Box, and Black Hole. These metaphors address the way encrypted objects are negotiated in the course of everyday life, and the way they order concepts of embodiment—models for where an intelligent human is placed vis a vis the realm of digital secrets and/or hidden mechanisms. Problematizing Silicon Valley claims regarding a new age of transparency and openness, a Poetics of Encryption toggles between enlightened concern and occult dreaming.